If you think about it, what is it, that you regard the biggest invention, which changed our life the most? Is it Fire?, Gunpowder?, Steam Engine?, the Car?, the Telephone?, the Computer? or the Internet and all the innovations connected to it?

It is difficult to decide, because each invention somehow allowed the following ones. So the best thing we can do is to call it a road, a road into the future. And the Internet and the innovations connected to it (WiFi, dAPPs, Clouds, etc…) marks the current end of this road as far we can see. The road into the future will, of course, continue, as the history of mankind shows, but at the moment, the peak of innovation is the Internet and its connected inventions.

That’s why we set our focus on the the Internet to discover new and lucrative possibilities.

First thing we need to take into consideration is, that the Internet has changed a lot. It is not just a wordwide network of connected computers. Due to its running “decentralized” web-services and “decentralized” applications (dAPPs), like Cloud-Storage, Online-Service-Providers, Shops, Social Media, etc…, it is a diversified universe of possibilities.

Our vision and target is to help our customers and clients to make use of these new possibilites by offering services, which empower them to do so.

If you want to decentralize your business into this unbelievable universe, there is just one road into the future: DECENTRIS.